Plastic surfaces finishing by spraying.

Plastic surfaces finishing is applied to make the surface of a particular object even in looks and colour which cannot be achieved in any processing.

Plastics finishing (spraying) can be used to cover the places of spraying. The important tasks of sprayed coating on plastics include: protection against damages and atmospheric, chemical and mechanical factors. The majority of thermal plastics which are to undertake spraying has static charge. It causes the collection of dust and other substances. The presence of static charge decreases the looks of plastics or even makes correct conducting of plastics spraying process unable. The surfaces of plastics which are to be sprayed next can be specially prepared by application of appropriate antistatic product. Before spraying, the anti-adhesing substances shall be removed in case of thermoplastics which include oils, waxes and lubricants.

Coating finishes methods

Depending of production conditions, production space and investment costs, available electric possibilities, we take decision which method shall be applied to make the process most economic. Plastics coating finishes:

  • brush painting
  • spray finishing
  • pressurised spraying
  • static spraying of lacquer
  • lacquer spraying machine
  • lacquer dipping
  • lacquer pouring

Drying of lacquered objects

Lacquered (painted) plastic objects can be dried in the various ways. The time of drying is influenced by the volatile ingredients of lacquer, including mainly the applied solvent. Coating creation means the transformation of lacquer layer including the gross amount of solvent into the dry finishing which does not have any solvent. Most often lacquer layers are being dried in high temperatures – of course bearing in mind the resistance of lacquered objects for thermal deformations. Therefore the knowledge of thermal resistance of particular plastics is so important.

Due to the modern and efficient machines, we are able to guarantee fast performance and low competitive prices . The trial batch for tests is done for free and send to the customer.

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